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tatjana (*1989) was born with a heart dedicated to music and an eye-trigger-finger-connection meant to press the shutter-release the very moment things happen. aged 15 and enlightened by the rolling stone magazine and its photographers she took her camera and started shooting bands on and off stage with the aim to document and tell the story of those chasing their dream on the road, passionately and determined.

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"I want to empower, support and connect the right people within the music industry. The music industry is already rough enough to not foster real, sustainable connections and collaborations." 

publications & exhibits

2022| brexit bedrooms, published by primitivopub, design by Sarah Kahn

2022 | BEDS, collective exhibit at Fabian & Claude Walter Galery with Nan Goldin, Imogen Cunningham and more.

2017 & 2018 | music on the wall, zines published by primitivopub, design by Sarah Kahn

2018 | queens of the scene, exhibit at Kein Museum in collaboration with Milky Diamond

2014 – 2015 | pas-de-deux, zine documenting the private life and work life of a couple dancing together for the zurich opera company

2012 – 2013 | (Life, LIVE), self-published book 

2011 | talk, portraits series

2007 – 2011 | it's alright mum, it's only music, exhibit at Ziegel Oh Lac, Rote Fabrik

2009 | dancers.

2007 | froideville, ch

other documentation | assignments

eurosonic festival, groningen, nl
the great escape festival, brighton, uk
insomnia sessions, zurich, ch
lauter festival, zurich, ch
m4music festival, zurich, ch
oh see a festival, zurich, ch
one of a million festival, baden, ch
operahouse ballet company, zurich, ch
openair st.gallen, st.gallen, ch
sollbruchstelle, zurich, ch
stadtsommer, zurich, ch
zurich openair, zurich, ch

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